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Selling your land can be stressful. Call us today to avoid the stress and uncertainty of selling your land!

We complete all transactions with a national title company or mobile notary closing services in addition to our fair, no-obligation offer.

Are You Ready To Sell The Land You No Longer Need?

There Are Four Major Indicators That It Is Time To Sell Your Land And Cash Out

The land you own has been sitting idle for years.

The taxes and expenses associated with owning land are tiring you out.

You inherited land, but you are not sure you want it. Cash appeals to you more.

The land has liens due to lack of upkeep or other issues.

If one or more of these reasons apply to your situation, it is time to sell your land. As many other landowners have done, request your quick, no-obligation offer today! 

We complete all transactions with a national title company or mobile notary closing services in addition to our fair, no-obligation offer.

Unused Vacant Land Costs - The Silent Drain

There are a lot of financial responsibilities associated with owning unused land:

Do you want to know how quickly you can sell the land and put a stop to all of these? Today, request a no-obligation offer.

The Key to Successfully Selling Land with Just a Single Click.

Questions like “how to sell land fast,” “can I sell my land privately,” “how to sell land without a realtor,” and “is selling land profitable?” are common among motivated land sellers. We are your answer to all these questions.

Regardless of its condition, we assist landowners in quickly and easily selling their property for a fair price. Call us right away to avoid the worry and uncertainty of trying to sell your unwanted piece of land. 

Escape the Burden: Transform Unwanted Land into Cash!

Selling your unwanted land can improve your financial situation, your mental and physical well-being by relieving you of the stress of dealing with such a burden, or both. This money can be used to pay off debts, invest in new opportunities, or deal with financial emergencies.

Forget about recurring taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs. By selling your land, you can eliminate these monetary and mental burdens.

Instead of wasting time and energy on unused land, you can now devote more time and energy to achieving your personal or professional goals.

Imagine enjoying a worry-free retirement. The proceeds from the sale of your land could contribute to your retirement savings. 

Get Ahead Of The Obstacles And Avoid Common Pitfalls

Selling your empty land does not have to be hard. Here's what most landowners must get right:

Rule 1

Finding the right land buyer is the first and most important step. They should be able to handle everything in general, making the process as simple and smooth as possible.

Rule 2

Your land buyer should be able to deliver on their promises and close the deal quickly. By doing this, you will not waste time or get another tax bill while waiting, and you won't need to start over if they can't close.

Rule 3

You should ensure that there are no hidden costs, such as closing costs or back taxes. You should pay attention to the net sheet - the money on the net sheet will be the money you receive, not the money on the gross sheet. As a result, you will avoid disappointment and confusion. Know what to expect from the beginning.

We Have A Straightforward Vision That You Can Understand

Our mission is to provide frustrated property owners with a completely open, straightforward, and no-nonsense solution to selling their properties.

Our team, who are passionate about what they do, will stick with you through thick and thin during our no-hassle selling process.

In the end, we are here to help you turn the trouble you are having selling property you do not want into fast, easy cash. That’s what we’re all about!

We complete all transactions with a national title company or mobile notary closing services in addition to our fair, no-obligation offer.

The Difference Between Us and Real Estate Agents When Selling Land

* Deducted from closing amount.  If back taxes/liens exceed the offer amount seller is responsible to cover the difference

We complete all transactions with a national title company or mobile notary closing services in addition to our fair, no-obligation offer.

Get to Know Our Founder, Alek 

I entered the real estate market in 1997. I value open communication and getting things right the first time. That is why I love this quote by John Wooden, a legendary basketball coach: “If you do not have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

My work includes working for WeBuyLandEZ, a company that helps property owners avoid the stress and uncertainty associated with selling their property traditionally or non-traditionally. I am also a licensed appraiser, realtor, investor, buyer of private mortgage notes, and developer.

When I am not working, I enjoy coaching kids at local soccer clubs. I take the same approach to my personal life as I do to my work: either do it properly or not at all.

Why Do Business With Us?

Our landowner clients enjoyed all these benefits, and you can too:

We complete all transactions with a national title company or mobile notary closing services in addition to our fair, no-obligation offer.

Take a look at our simple land-buying process


Initiate the process by submitting your offer request, which is loaded with exclusive bonuses, as we conduct research on your property.


If your property meets our buying criteria, we will send you a purchase agreement right away.


Our team will handle any land-related complications, so you can get your money as soon as possible.


Feel a sense of accomplishment and relief as your money is transferred to you in the way of your choice.

You Can Count On Our Rock-Solid Guarantees

We guarantee:

Get Your Free Expert Consultation Today!

Still undecided about selling your land? Do you want to learn more about your property or talk about any concerns you have?

Don’t worry! We are here and ready to give you all the answers you need to sell your land. Why not call us today?

Together, we can determine the true monetary value of your property. As a team, we are dedicated to making the process of selling your vacant land as easy and stress-free as possible.

Confusion Can Result In Either Indecision Or Postponing A Decision.

In order to emphasize clarity and simplicity, we offer free eBooks and interviews with land experts:

#1: An eBook
#2: Expert Land Q&A
#3: Mobile Notary!
#4: A Multi-Property Deal
From Land to Gold (Insider Secrets To Selling Land And Maximizing Value!)

This eBook is a practical guide for landowners, presenting multiple approaches to managing vacant land, from selling and subdividing to unconventional uses. It provides an in-depth comparison of selling options and offers tools to self-evaluate land value. Get all your questions answered by reading this informative eBook!

Unlocking The Potential Of Your Land And Turning It Into A Profitable Asset

Our land expert question-and-answer session is a helpful and insightful discussion for landowners, illustrating various strategies for dealing with vacant land, such as options for sale, subdivision, or unique uses. It provides a thorough comparison of various selling methods as well as insights into evaluating vacant land.

Closing With A Professional Title Company, Attorney, or Mobile Notary!

We manage the closing process. We will arrange for a free e-notary or mobile notary so you can complete your transaction at home. To ensure a smooth and secure closing, we only work with reputable Attorneys and Title Companies. It will not cost you anything to close because we will handle all of the legalities!

A Multi-Property Deal

We understand the unique challenges that can arise when managing multiple property transactions. That is why we provide comprehensive solutions for packaging your deals to maximize convenience and efficiency. Let us talk about how we can package your properties if you have more than one!

Hear From Our Happy Clients

Addressing Your Popular Questions

We make the transaction simple and transparent. For the agreed-upon price, we will send you a purchase agreement. We then conduct additional due diligence and place the property in escrow. All funds for the property will be handled through a reputable Title Company or Attorney. Our team handles title reviews, closing document preparation, and all paperwork, which is delivered to you prior to closing.

Due diligence is conducted on the property in depth. It involves conducting title and lien searches, ensuring title insurance can be issued, and fixing any potential issues that may impede use. Most of the time, we close much sooner than expected. In addition, we work with attorneys or title companies that handle the closing process so there is no delay. If a delay occurs, we strive to minimize it.

The closing agent will provide you with all necessary closing documents, and once you have reviewed and approved them, they will schedule a convenient closing time and date. The closing agent will issue all closing documents to you for review, and once approved, they will arrange a date and time that suits all parties to close for you. This can be done either in person or via a mobile notary, depending on your choice.

The closing agent or attorney will arrange a check or wire transfer to you once the notarized documents are received and recorded by the closing agent. This usually happens within a few days of the Mobile Notary visiting you and signing the documents.

If you requested an offer through this website, the purchase agreement we sent you is the actual contract we can use to purchase your property. If you received this contract and want us to buy your land, sign it and return it to us. If you require e-signature services, please let us know and we will send it to you that way.

All properties are evaluated based on their attributes. Some of the properties have issues that need to be addressed, and we make certain that these issues are addressed for you prior to closing. We also consider the property’s fair market value and the cost of making the property usable. This may affect the real value in comparison to other properties in the area that may already be cleared and ready to build on with access. As property investors and buyers, we also do all of the legwork for you, such as due diligence, repairing any issues so that it can be used, and coordinating with all title companies and attorneys to resolve any issues. We approach this with the mindset that everyone benefits: you, the landowner, and us, the investor. Also, keep in mind that the economy influences market conditions and the amount of money available to buyers, which influences the price of property values.

Just imagine how things will be in six months’ time once you have sold your vacant land.

YES! It is time to sell my vacant land!

We complete all transactions with a national title company or mobile notary closing services in addition to our fair, no-obligation offer.

If you said yes. You’re one step away from being our next satisfied land seller. Our no-obligation cash offer will give you all the information you need to make an educated decision. With our assistance, you will be able to:

  • Have extra cash to improve your life. 
  • Get rid of the stress that your land is giving you.
  • Avoid any additional costs associated with your land, such as taxes and maintenance.


PS: Please read this ONLY if you are serious about selling your land quickly, easily, and for a fair cash price.

PPS: Due to time and financial constraints, we can only accept and close on a limited number of properties each month. Avoid disappointment by securing an offer for your vacant land right away!